About Us

Edmonds Marshall McMahon was founded in February 2012 to offer a novel service to companies and individuals who have been the victims of crime. Our solution was to offer the creation of a private, high-powered team of senior prosecutors with an unrivalled track record in conducting major fraud prosecutions and regulatory work. We were and remain the only firm in this country dedicated to private prosecution.  We have particular experience in the private prosecution of those guilty of fraud, corporate dishonesty and financial crime.  In 2016, we supplemented our fraud team with a leading civil fraud and trust litigator. We can now advise clients on the best means of retrieving assets in frauds that are linked to the United Kingdom, whether by civil asset retrieval or criminal compensation order.

Private Prosecutions

A private prosecution allows the client to dictate the speed, efficiency and direction of prosecution rather than depend on the efficiency of the public system. We offer a completely unique service to our clients which is entirely solution orientated.  We are a unique firm and we pride ourselves in our imaginative approach to our cases and the exceptional results that we have achieved.

The Directors have a combined total of 45 years of experience in criminal justice and are focused on helping victims negotiate the system. We are fully versed in all manner of fraud or offending and however complex, we will understand the problem.

Civil Fraud and Trust Litigation

Civil fraud litigation, when conducted properly, offers powerful remedies to locate, freeze and retrieve assets from fraudsters and those to whom they have transferred the proceeds of fraud. These can include worldwide freezing injunctions and orders entitling a claimant’s legal team to search premises and IT systems for evidence that is at risk of being improperly destroyed or tampered with.

All of our partners are genuine specialists in their fields and have invested significant time into making sure that we can always provide the services our clients require, including working with other specialist firms where this is in our clients’ best interest. We also guarantee our clients that their case will be managed and closely overseen by a partner.

We are a unique firm of solicitors and barristers.  We do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach to fraud remedies. We prefer to use our extensive experience, hard won reputation and expertise in tracing stolen monies to provide the most effective solution to a problem.  When called in to investigate a fraud, we can do so using our combined experience of both the civil and criminal implications