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We are committed to providing companies and individuals with the ability to access an effective and powerful legal tool: criminal prosecution.

We are conversant with and committed to abiding by Government standards for prosecutors and investigators. We apply all relevant guidance to our cases and work within the relevant statutory regimes at all times. This is important for our reputation and the reputation of our clients.

We apply the Code for Crown Prosecutors when considering whether a case is suitable for prosecution. Our approach to disclosure is strictly in accordance with the common law, the Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act 1996, the relevant Code of Practice, the Attorney General’s Guidelines on Disclosure and the Criminal Procedure Rules. We do this to ensure that our investigations and prosecutions are conducted to the highest standards. We have considerable experience in the most difficult disclosure areas.

We advocate using private prosecutions in an efficient and effective way to enable businesses and individuals to deter crime. We advocate using private prosecutions to stop fraudulent behaviour by any person or any group which damages the financial stability of a company. We work in a determined way to recover the proceeds of crime on behalf of our clients.

We are committed to providing a unique and focused service, delivered according to our clients’ needs, whilst protecting the reputation of our clients and their companies. We know how important reputation is to individuals and to companies: our reputation is of paramount importance to us.

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