Advantages of Private Prosecutions

If you have a case to bring to court and want to go down the route of private prosecution proceedings, Edmonds Marshall McMahon (EMM) can show you all of the advantages of bringing a private case to court. There are many advantages in choosing the option to privately prosecute and one of the strengths of private prosecution is the ability to have more control over the proceedings from start to finish. You are also not limited to prosecuting as a company but can also prosecute as an individual and you also have the added benefit of potentially gaining a faster turnaround and final outcome. In cases of private prosecution you do not have to wait for police or the crown prosecution service to deal with your proceedings if the case is not classed as high priority, which can be the case more often than not in criminal or civil proceedings. Saving time in many cases means saving money which again is a major advantage of private prosecution.

Privately prosecuting enables those prosecuting to make savings in time and money compared to lengthier civil and criminal cases. The party bringing charges still has the ability to reclaim costs incurred at the end of the case so you are not going to lose anything by choosing private prosecution over criminal or civil routes. Many of our clients choose to apply for the costs back at the end of the proceedings and make the accused pay for any investigation or costs they have incurred.

Choosing EMM to support you in your prosecution proceedings guarantees you get a highly experienced criminal prosecutor familiar with British and International law and a legal professional who has knowledge of the Code for Crown Prosecutors test. This is a huge advantage as we are able to advise you on the best course of action every step of the way to ensure you have the best chance of winning your case.  Many cases especially civil and trading disputes no longer reach court due to insufficient public funding and the belief that the case is not cost effective, but we at EMM feel this is unfair as you may be missing out on compensation that you deserve. Therefore by using your statutory right you can take advantage of private prosecution proceedings and can make sure you don’t let others “get away with it” – this can also have a fantastic deterrent effect on others especially in the cases of counterfeit and fraud as well as general crime cases. Another advantage of using our experienced EMM professionals is the provision of experienced professional advice when it comes to investigations and confiscation. We can also advise you on cases where there is an issue with perverting the course of justice. If you look at our advisory and regulatory prosecution law pages you will also see the wealth of experience we can offer you including specific areas of expertise such as cases surrounding all aspects of clinical trials, all elements of the licensing regime in relation to pharmaceuticals and medical devices and criminal offences arising out of a vast array of situations.

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