Paralegal / Trainee Solicitor

Why choose us? 

We are different from anyone else. We strive to give our trainees interesting and challenging work from the beginning.

Being a boutique firm, you will be given close partner supervision and interaction and be given a varied and challenging workload. The benefits of a boutique firm create a unique ground for you to train, with no two days being the same.

The training process will leave you with a very unique and particular set of skills, being a dual qualified civil and criminal lawyer, with expertise and both civil and criminal tools to advise your client on the most appropriate remedy to achieve a successful outcome.

The nature of our work requires someone with an abundance of energy, enthusiasm and intellect, but with that comes an exciting, fast paced and stimulating work environment.

Our Social Side

We are a close knit team who enjoy each other’s company and camaraderie that extends to our social activities, where we often get together for regular team events. We encourage you to continue your interests that make you stand out.

Our social committee organises many events from Tough Mudder, for those who are crazy and fearless enough to partake, to pub quizzes, group personal training and Friday drinks.

What we look for?

We are a diverse firm that care about equal opportunities and welcome applications from people of all backgrounds.

We look for:

  • Charisma, energy and spark;
  • A passion to succeed;
  • Professionalism and principles to act with integrity in everything you do;
  • Empathy to relate to those around you and your clients;
  • A good sense of humour; and
  • Strong will and ambition.

You will ideally have a law degree (which must be a 2:1 or above) or a Graduate Diploma in Law, or are in the process of completing either of them. You need not have yet studied the Legal Practice Course, but have a desire to commence it in London.

What do our Trainee’s Say?

  1. What do you enjoy most about EMM?

Fani Gamon explains “The unique and challenging nature of the work.” Whilst Ashley Fairbrother adds “The excitement and fast paced lifestyle or working in a City boutique firm.”

  1. What is expected of you?

Ashley Fairbrother says that “You are not just a lawyer at EMM. You will become so much more. Providing excellent and quality work to partners efficiently is taken as a given, and you will be given the skills to do so. However, being in a boutique firm, you are expected to contribute ideas enthusiastically to develop and improve the firm, and there is more of a responsibility on you to attend events and promote the firm.”

  1. Why did you choose EMM?

“Having spent time at the CPS I was committed to becoming a prosecutor. EMM provided the perfect place to undertake training in this field, with immediate exposure to complex large-scale prosecutions and investigations with the chance to be actively involved at an early stage.” mentions Fani Gamon.

  1. How was your experience training?

Fani Gamon explains “I thoroughly enjoyed my training contract, and received invaluable support and guidance along the way, not only from my supervisor but also from members across the team.”

  1. What have you gone on to do since you trained?

Ashley Fairbrother says “I worked closely with a partner to investigate and prosecute a complex and sophisticated insolvency fraud, advising the client throughout and making strategy decisions. At the same time, I worked with another partner, bringing civil receivership proceedings against five respondents in a multi-million pound gift claim. I was also given the opportunity to manage a large case load of intellectual property prosecutions, which is an area of law I was particular interested in, as well as advise on and bring judicial review and civil proceedings and applications. You are given the option and choice to grab as much and as varied work as you would like.”

Fani Gamon adds “I am currently advising on a large confiscation matter, advising on a complex and sophisticated abuse of position fraud case and assisting with an international client pursuing different civil and criminal options worldwide.”

  1. What was the most exciting part of your career with EMM?

Ashley Fairbrother says “Notwithstanding the exciting and interesting cases that I advise on each day, my personal highlight was travelling to a packed weekend in Geneva with a partner to advise a client. I also assisted the Partner give a talk to a Swiss law firm as well as attend a two day conference at which some of the world’s leading fraud lawyers talk fraud, including our very own Robert Hunter’s talk on ‘The Science of the Unexpected – What can Fraud Lawyers Learn from Disasters or Flashes of Insight?’

  1. What advice would you give to those hoping for a career with EMM?

Fani Gamon explains “Whilst you must be able to empathise with those who have been wronged, you need to be a dispassionate lawyer who works in a professional and principled way. You must demonstrate and share the same passion and hunger for prosecuting crime as the exceptional lawyers you will be working with on a daily basis.”

Application Process/Contact Page

We encourage applications from budding students and professionals as early as possible in your legal career. We also welcome applications from experienced paralegals looking to make the next step in their career into a fast paced and exciting boutique city law firm.

To apply, please send a cover letter and your CV to Kirsty Pappin

Apply now