Counterfeit Prosecutions

The increase in counterfeiting has staggering financial implications for businesses. It is a problem that all companies with a brand to protect must consider seriously.

Private Prosecutions can be used as an efficient and effective tool – against large or small targets – to combat the ever-increasing counterfeiting of goods and subsequent financial loss to companies.

According to the EU Commission’s annual report on customs actions, almost 40 million products were impounded by EU customs in 2012, with an estimated value of €1bn.

Counterfeiting causes financial harm to companies and shareholders as well as to the Exchequer; it causes reputational damage, is credited with funding organised crime and has health and safety implications.

It is a serious problem that requires effective enforcement. As traditional enforcement agencies are facing devastating cut-backs, they may not have the time or resources to devote to investigating cases of counterfeiting. This means it is left to the brand owner to enforce their rights.

Companies taking decisive action against any infringement of their trademark will deter criminals. What’s more, our unique service means that if you know your products are being copied and sold, we will investigate (or work with your investigators), advise, prosecute and robustly enforce any subsequent compensation and/or confiscation order thereby ensuring compensation for your company.