EMM Networking Masterclass: How to meet, greet and enjoy it!

31 July 2018: Edmonds Marshall McMahon (“EMM”) ran a networking masterclass assisted by talented thespians from 187 Fleet Street, Littleton, 2 Harcourt Buildings, Furnival Chambers & 23 Essex Street Chambers.

EMM at work: Networking

Lawyers and paralegals from EMM finished off 1.5 hours of training with a “real life” test-run of their newly acquired skills. Able counsel enacted tricky scenarios which may be familiar to some of us:

(i) dealing with overbearing and abrasive personalities

(ii) dealing with shy people

(iii) communicating in situations where people are not friendly or interested in speaking to you.

Counsel kindly made the following comments in relation to our lawyers and paralegals:

“We found EMM lawyers to be very savvy and capable in a very difficult social situations. They diffused some very tricky moments with grace and calm!”

With our heartfelt thanks to the following for their time and efforts:

Kathryn Nutter & Laureen Husain of 187 Fleet Street Chambers

Jamie Susskind, Grahame Anderson & Marc Delehanty of Littleton Chambers

Jeremy Rosenberg, Victoria Gainza, Daniel O’Donoghue, James Bloomer, James McCrindell, Stephen Shay, Daniel Lister, Rossano Scamardella QC, Nathan Rasiah & Rupert Wheeler of 23 Essex Street

Paul Cavin QC, Sam Barker & James Brown of 2 Harcourt Chambers

Andrew Bousfield of Furnival Chambers.