Insurance Fraud – often seen as a victimless crime

In July 2020, Kate McMahon and Tamlyn Edmonds spoke to Insurance Business UK about perceptions of Insurance Fraud. Insurance fraud, along with other types of fraud cases continue to fall through the cracks due to pressures on the courts and prosecutors prioritising more serious crimes.

The interim Crown Prosecution Service charging protocol emphasised certain types of cases during the pandemic including violent crime and Covid fraud cases. Other fraud cases, particularly complex ones continue to go by the wayside in terms of government activity. Tamlyn Edmonds noted that Insurance fraud can often be seen as a victimless crime as people down on their luck can see it as attacking a faceless corporation. More insurance leaders therefore are starting to discuss the opportunity for private prosecutions as a way to obtain justice and offering a genuine deterrent to people and companies making fraudulent claims due to the serious penalty for wrongdoing.