Sweet and Maxwell: Private Prosecutions Masterclass led by Tamlyn Edmonds


Tamlyn Edmonds will be leading a Private Prosecutions masterclass available from Sweet and Maxwell from Monday 06 May 2013.

Private prosecutions are a useful tool used to tackle economic crime that may not be understood or prioritised elsewhere. They can be used as an effective deterrent method to deter potential counterfeiting, fraud, or to protect commercial rights.

They are also a useful tool for individuals who may have been the victim of crime and for whatever reason have not been able to obtain justice.

This masterclass will explain:

  • What is a private prosecution
  • Who can bring a private prosecution, including circumstances where a private prosecution may be brought
  • The reasons why you may choose to bring a private prosecution and the benefits
  • The steps involved in bringing a private prosecution and the issues to be aware of
  • Risks associated with private prosecutions
  • Costs
  • Confiscation and compensation

For more details please visit the Sweet and Maxwell website.