Andrew Marshall – Partner

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Andrew has led the prosecution of major fraud and regulatory matters for a range of government agencies. Andrew has been involved in the notoriously difficult prosecutions of many corporates such as Shell and Schindler Lifts.

Andrew Marshall is a committed and experienced advocate, whose practice principally relates to large-scale, organised crime cases requiring a strategic overview, normally concerning complex fraud or drugs. Other areas of work include wide-ranging advisory and review work on criminal and quasi-criminal matters (with a particular speciality in disclosure), appellate work and asset forfeiture and restraint.

In addition to being a Grade 4 Advocate (the highest rank) for Crown Prosecution Service, Andrew was appointed to the Attorney General’s list of Prosecuting Counsel in about 1990 and to the list of Standing Counsel in 2005. He has been described in the Legal 500 (2015) as “technically excellent and innovative”  and as “a very able and extremely intelligent advocate” under the category of Fraud: crime (including money laundering and asset forfeiture) – Leading juniors.

In June 2012 he was appointed to the Regulatory List (A) of Advocates for the Health & Safety Executive, Office of Rail Regulation and Environment Agency.

He therefore undertakes the most important, serious and complex work for those prosecution agencies under the superintendence of the A-G, principally:

  • Revenue and Customs Prosecutions Office (RCPO) prosecuting HMRC organised fraud and SOCA organised crime
  • Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS, formerly BERR, formerly DTI): major company and insolvency frauds
  • Department for Work Pensions
  • Department of Health
  • Health and Safety Executive

Complementary practice with:

  • High-level CPS work
  • Complex defence work
  • Asset forfeiture and restraint

Andrew was appointed as a Recorder of Crown Court in 2003 and sits as a part-time Judge in various London Crown Courts.