David Jugnarain – Partner

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David was called to the Bar in 2002 and joined Edmonds Marshall McMahon in June 2013. He is a fraud specialist with a wealth of experience in prosecuting serious and complex frauds. He is well versed in dealing with cases involving confiscation and other ancillary matters relating to the recovery of the proceeds of crime.

David has been regularly instructed for a number of years by different government departments in their most serious and difficult cases, including; the CPS, DWP, Department of Health, RCPO and various Local Authorities.

David was appointed to the Attorney General’s List of Prosecuting Counsel in 2006, was appointed as a Grade 3 Prosecutor in 2012 (Grade 4 is the highest rank), and in 2013 was appointed to the specialist Fraud Panel at Grade 3 (grade 4 is the highest rank).

David skills are obvious where the complexity demands strategic case management and pragmatic solutions to difficult issues. He is recognised by clients for his analytical abilities, unwavering dedication and the exercise of sound judgment.

David has been described as being “consistently reliable in producing work of exceptional quality.” He has been praised for “his ability to make the complex appear simple” and being an “exceptionally able prosecutor.”

David is friendly, approachable, and fully attuned to the needs of his clients.

Examples of David’s work over recent years include:

  • Operation Russo (2013) –successful prosecution of a number of members of an organised crime network who fraudulently obtained and laundered mortgage advances of some £1.2 million by acting as both the owners and purported purchasers of high value properties using hijacked/false identities.
  • Operation Mustang (2013) – successful prosecution of an internal fraud by a Local Authority employee who, with others, orchestrated an organised and sophisticated attack on the Rent Deposit Scheme, totalling some £150,000.
  • R –v- Popoola (2012) – successful prosecution where the defendant obtained over £200,000 in benefits by failing to disclose a multiplicity of factors to various government departments and Local Authorities. A confiscation order of some £300,000 was successfully obtained in this case.
  • Operation Abiesdesk (2012) –a case alleging a £1.6 million organised attack on HMRC through the submission of inflated and/or false Self Assessment Tax Returns by Tax Agents on behalf of persons operating within the Construction Industry Scheme.
  • Operation Magma (2012) –successful prosecution of two dentists accused of defrauding the NHS by falsely claiming that patients had been treated under the provisions of the NHS, when in fact treatment had been provided privately.
  • OP Avalanche – R v Guthrie & Others (2011) –successful prosecution of multiple identity benefit fraud prosecuted by London Borough of Barnet, involving several family members and associates. Following a six-week trial the jury were discharged amidst allegations of tampering. It was successfully argued that the trial should proceed by judge alone pursuant to s.46 CJA 2003. This decision was upheld by the Court of Appeal ([2011] 2 Cr. App. R. 20). A confiscation order of over £500,000 was successfully obtained in this case following conviction.
  • Operation Emulate (2011) –prosecution of several defendants alleged to have conspired together to defraud the NHS through corruptly procuring £600,000 worth of contracts for goods and services by employees of the NHS outside of proper financial procedures.
  • Operation Fasces (2009) –prosecution of a GP alleged to have committed fraud by falsifying patient entries to secure payments under the Quality and Outcomes Framework System and other GP payment systems. This was the first prosecution of its type in relation to GP payment systems.
  • R –v- Wade (2009) –successful prosecution of individual who traded “off record” for a number of years, evading some £400,000 in Income Tax, VAT, NI contributions and PAYE.

David is a member of the Criminal Bar Association