David Nixon – Senior Associate

David joined Edmonds Marshall McMahon in July 2018 with a breadth of experience in dealing with prosecution work from low level crime to more complex cases. Since joining, David has taken the lead on prosecuting a variety of cases including:

  • data protection breaches,
  • counterfeit goods offences,
  • conspiracies,
  • fraud cases,
  • insolvency offences; and
  • the law relating to the offence of perverting the course of justice.

David completed a law degree and then a Master’s degree in Criminal Litigation before qualifying as a solicitor in 2005. He went on to obtain his higher rights of audience from the Solicitor Regulatory Authority in order to conduct advocacy in the higher criminal courts.

David worked as legal advisor in the Magistrates’ Court advising magistrates and District Judges on criminal law and procedure before joining the Crown Prosecution Service in 2007.

Whilst at the CPS, David specialised in youth prosecutions and trial advocacy before moving on to the Rape & Serious Sexual Offences Unit (RASSO) where he prosecuted many serious and occasionally high profile cases. David provided legal and investigative advice to the police and managed cases through to trial. Many cases involved David handling large volumes of unused material and making complex decisions concerning disclosure.

Notable cases:

  • R v Cyril Rowe: successful prosecution of a priest for child sex offences that occurred 35 years earlier resulting in a 4 year sentence.
  • R v Anthony Allen: successful prosecution of a scout leader who sexually abused young boys resulting in a 11 year sentence.