Edmonds Marshall McMahon Launch UK’s First Private Prosecution Service



Designed uniquely to support individuals as well as corporate victims of fraud, counterfeiting or corporate crime, today sees the launch of law firm Edmonds Marshall McMahon’s delivery of Britain’s first ever specialist private prosecution service, dispelling the common misconception that only the Crown or Government agencies may use the criminal system to prosecute.

In these times of austerity and rising crime rates, companies and individuals that are victims of crime often find traditional methods of redress either unavailable to them or prohibitively slow and costly.

Specialising in fraud, counterfeiting and proceeds of crime recovery, Edmonds Marshall McMahon brings together a private, high-powered team of senior prosecutors with an unrivalled track record in conducting major prosecutions. A total of 45 years’ experience in criminal justice focused on helping victims negotiate the criminal justice system provides a streamlined, quicker, more effective and often cheaper option of private prosecution rather than civil litigation.

The directors of Edmonds Marshall McMahon have extensive experience of prosecuting some of the most high-profile and complex cases in their fields.

  • Andrew Marshall is a barrister and, since 2005, Standing Counsel to the Attorney General. He has led the prosecution of major fraud and regulatory matters for HMRC, BERR, MHRA, HSE and SOCA.
  • Tamlyn Edmonds is also a barrister. She led a specialist team of prosecutors at the Department of Health and prosecuted the largest international pharmaceutical counterfeiting case ever brought by the department.
  • Kate McMahon (pictured), a solicitor, was a senior SFO lawyer, specialising in headline-making global corruption and bribery cases and complex, large-scale fraud.

Edmonds Marshall McMahon works with companies, external or internal investigators or individuals to provide a highly focused advisory and prosecution service, assembling the proper evidence required to secure convictions.

Edmonds Marshall McMahon helps companies protect their assets and commercial rights through use of the criminal law. The firm also assists individuals to uphold their rights.

Despite the common misconception that only the Crown or Government agencies may use the criminal system to prosecute people or companies, any individual or company may bring a prosecution wherever there is a criminal cause of action.

Edmonds Marshall McMahon utilises in full, modern innovative solutions along with traditional methods and institutions to flexibly and expertly tailor each case to combat crime, producing exceptional results without reliance on existing public authorities.

“Edmonds Marshall McMahon brings together an immensely strong and accessible team to address the needs of companies, investigators and individuals – no matter how complex the issue,” says Andrew Marshall.

“We can provide clear, early advice about a cause of action, the steps involved and the collection and presentation of evidence. Whether your concern is a one-off or part of an overall legal strategy, we can help.”

For further information contact:

Tamlyn Edmonds – tamlynedmonds@emmlegal.com;

or Kate McMahon – katemcmahon@emmlegal.com

Telephone: 0207 583 8392

Web: www.emmlegal.com