Provident Financial Services Ltd v Danielle Machent – Employee Fraud – Private Prosecution

Edmonds Marshall McMahon on behalf of Provident Financial Services Ltd brought a successful prosecution against the defendant, Danielle Machent, for offences of fraud by false representation, contrary to s.1 Fraud Act 2006.

The defendant worked as a loans agent for Provident Personal Credit. The allegations in this case related to a number of fraudulent loan applications made by the defendant in the names of others.

Investigators for Provident Financial Services produced evidence that between 17th May 2013 and 4th November 2013, the defendant acting in her capacity as a loans agent for Provident, abused her position of trust by persuading three of her family members to take out loans in their own names when in fact the monies were retained by the defendant for her own use. They also produced evidence that the defendant took out a loan using the details of an existing customer without her knowledge or consent.

Furthermore, evidence was produced that showed the defendant had fabricated two customers in order to take out loans in their names when in fact the monies were retained by herself.

The defendant attended Derby Crown Court on 23rd December where she pleaded guilty to the charges. She was sentenced on 22nd January to 8 months imprisonment, suspended for 2 years with a 12 month supervision order and a £100 victim surcharge.