Jack Walsh speaks at Welsh Fraud Forum Annual Conference

We are delighted that our very own Jack Walsh spoke at the 9th Welsh Fraud Forum Annual Conference in Cardiff, the first in-person WFF event to be held post-COVID.

The WFF acts as a not-for-profit board run by some of the brightest and most strategic volunteers, all of whom have careers founded in both the private and public sectors. In light of this, Jack spoke in his capacity as Special Counsel at Edmonds Marshall McMahon, providing an overview of the nature of private prosecutions for fraudulent offences.

In his speech, Jack covered an array of predominant and fundamental topics found within the world of private prosecutions. Topics included; the right to bring a private prosecution, along with those offences deemed suitable for such a response, the prevalence of fraud within today’s society, the process of a private prosecution, and much more. The aim of his speech was to raise awareness of the options available for individuals and companies alike in prosecuting fraud within the private sector. Jack also provided insight into the advantages that persuing a private prosecution can bring, not least to mention the opportunity for costs recovery and compensation and confiscation orders.

Jack was joined at the WFF annual conference by an array of experienced legal professionals, each discussing a unique niche of fraudulent offences and responses. For more information on those speaking at the WFF annual conference, or, if you are interested in watching the speakers present, visit www.fraudforum.wales for more information.