Alexander Carter-Silk - Consultant

Alex joined Edmonds Marshall McMahon in August 2021 as a Consultant.

Alex is recognised as a strategist, a heavyweight litigator and a leader in the field of Intellectual Property. He has over 30 years’ experience representing brand owners, celebrities, manufacturers, franchisors, insurers, technology companies and insurers; enforcing rights in respect of trade secrets, trademarks design, patents, copyright and product get up.

Alex has been the lead advisor in multi-jurisdictional cases in the UK, Europe, Asia and the USA co-ordinating and  pursuing infringements worldwide. He has advised Governments and Trade Associations and consulted with enforcement agencies. Alex has advised leading cosmetics companies in relation to enforcement and brand and reputational damage mitigation, tracing, re-distribution and supply chain protection.

Alex has collaborated with firms internationally, including as Co-Chair of Intellectual Property and Technology for a US firm. He has advised clients in complex technology patent and copyright matters in US State Federal and Appeal Court matters as well as in relation to petitioning the US Supreme Court.  Alex is a contributing editor in relation to a global publication of trade mark dilution law. He and Claire Blewett have both worked together on leading cases in the High Court, Court of Appeal and CJEU, including matters relating to the enforcement of judgments internationally, and anti-suit injunctions.

Alex consults widely on strategic development maintenance and enforcement of IP portfolios.