Ashley Fairbrother - Partner

Ashley has a unique specialism in investigations and contentious practice with exceptional expertise in the intricate realm of crypto fraud recovery, civil disputes, and private prosecutions. With an unwavering commitment to justice and an astute understanding of the complexities surrounding digital currencies, Ashley stands at the forefront of his field, consistently delivering results for his clients.

As a leading figure in the legal landscape,  Ashley has a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the ever-evolving crypto fraud landscape. His comprehensive knowledge of the intricacies of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency transactions, and regulatory frameworks empowers him to navigate the complex web of crypto fraud with precision.

Beyond his mastery of crypto fraud recovery,  Ashley is a seasoned civil litigator. Armed with acute analytical judgement and an impeccable attention to detail, he is known for the meticulous construct of compelling legal arguments or claims, unravelling complex disputes and advocating his clients’ interests.

Ashley’s skillset extends to private prosecution, where he fearlessly champions justice on behalf of his clients, including and most notably in the charity sector. He possesses an unparalleled understanding of the nuances of criminal law surrounding private prosecutions, enabling him to pursue private prosecutions with tenacity and efficacy. Case highlights include advising and representing a client in Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 proceedings to secure confiscation and compensation orders totalling £38+million, securing the largest confiscation order ever obtained by a private prosecutor in the UK.

Throughout his career,  Ashley has garnered a reputation for strategic thinking, tenacity, and a meticulous and creative approach to the law.  Ashley continues to push boundaries and is willing to navigate evolving legal landscapes with finesse and adaptability to achieve justice for his clients.


  • Fuseon Limited v Senior Courts Costs Office [2019] EWHC 126 (Admin), – Landmark decision on extent of recoverable costs incurred by a private prosecutor.
  • R v Camilleri (2018) – successful prosecution for making false representations in an IVA proposal, in which assets were valued at £9m.
  • In the Matter of the Criminal Justice Act 1988 – R v Gheewala & anor – (2017) – civil enforcement proceedings against a defendant and various family members including his ex-wife, sister, brother-in-law, associate and daughter.
  • Acting for a client in a professional negligence action against her former solicitors.
  • Court of Appeal case of Ketan Somaia v Regina (in the matter of a prosecution by Murli Mirchandani) [2017] EWCA Crim 741
  • Acting for a Director in a derivative claim brought by an off-shore company in relation to allegations of diversion of opportunity, diversion of revenue, misrepresentation and accounting irregularities.
  • R v Somaia (2016) – confiscation proceedings resulting in the obtaining of a £38m+ confiscation and compensation orders.

Ashley is a member of the:

  • Proceeds of Crime Lawyers Association;
  • Young Fraud Lawyers Association; and
  • London Young Lawyers Group.