Perverting the Course of Justice

Edmonds Marshall McMahon frequently conduct prosecutions for perverting the course of justice and perjury. It is surprisingly common how frequently lies are told during police investigations and court proceedings. Some examples of our recent cases are as follows:

  • A trader found to be lying on oath in Commercial Court proceedings;
  • Lies told during the course of divorce proceedings by both a husband and a wife (separate cases);
  • False adverse possession claims whereby a neighbour attempted to steal another’s land via a land registry application and subsequent county court proceedings;
  •  A husband who attempted to remove his wife from their house in occupation and possession proceedings, during which he lied on oath;
  • A false allegation of harassment made against our client which involves police misconduct;
  • Investigative impropriety by law enforcement authorities including dishonesty.

Client Testimonials

Review for - Perverting the Course of Justice

"They have the ability to snap into action at the drop of a hat. You never have to say the same thing twice. They are careful listeners and at the same time instinctively know what a client wants. Their knowledge of criminal prosecutions is second to none and advice is spot on. They were always prepared for unknowns and ahead of the game. I felt well supported by this firm and felt they were very more creative than most with their problem solving abilities. Not just in terms of legal advice but also other things that came with the case such as dealing with unwanted publicity and PR. The core of this firm is a very good work ethic coupled with a passion to be the best and sound moral values."

5 Stars