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Are you a company or individual who would like to start private prosecution proceedings? If so we at Edmonds, Marshall and McMahon (EMM) are here to help. We are the first and only specialist Private Prosecution law firm in the UK and we will offer you a range of prosecution services to meet your needs. We can tailor make services to suit your requirements and can assist you in the matters of counterfeit proceedings, fraud, general crime and situations surrounding perverting the course of justice. We can also assist in advisory and regulatory prosecution matters and provide advice regarding investigations and confiscation. Many companies and individuals are unaware of their ability to privately prosecute and we feel it is our duty to inform people of this right. Our highly experienced and dedicated team of legal professionals can take you through the private prosecution procedure from start to finish advising you every step of the way to ensure a favourable outcome is reached and that you can receive what you are owed. From the moment you contact us at EMM we will talk you through the right strategy and get a result that may be quicker than waiting to go through the police or crown prosecution service. You have the statutory power to prosecute and we can help you to bring that power into play if you have been a victim of crime. Private prosecution is not a new concept and many well know companies and high profile individuals have successfully won their private prosecution cases resulting in convictions of those involved. The procedure for private prosecution is straightforward. You will contact our firm and we will guide you through the process stage by stage. Once you have made initial contact, a member of our legal team will take your contact details and discuss a convenient time and date for you to meet with us. We will then take down extensive details of your case and advise you on the best course of action. If we feel there is sufficient evidence to move forward with the case then we will commence proceedings. If there is little or no evidence at present this does not mean we are unable to do anything for you but we may have to look at private investigation to gain more evidence before we can pursue your case. Again we can advise you on the best way to go about this and ensure you employ a reputable private investigator so that the evidence obtained can be used in prosecution proceedings. Once you have the required evidence and discussed with our legal team the charges you wish to bring forward then the case will be reviewed by the magistrate’s court and if deemed appropriate they will issue a summons, and serve the accused. A date will then be issued for the accused to attend court to face charges. We at EMM will be there to represent you and advise you on every matter concerning private prosecution so please contact us and let us help you to win your case.

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