Edmonds Marshall McMahon investigates and prosecutes the full range of offences under the criminal law. That said, we have particular expertise in offences under the Bribery Act 2010 (“the Act”). Although the first attempt to legislate on bribery was in 1889, the law on this subject remained complex and confused for much of the twentieth century. Eventually, the Act was passed, putting bribery offences on a fresh statutory footing. The Act is among the world’s strictest legislation on bribery and, despite its relative newness, we have a wealth of experience in its enforcement.

Edmonds Marshall McMahon is a unique firm, which is made up of former investigators and prosecutors from the Serious Fraud Office (“SFO”). As such, we have extensive experience from some of the UK’s leading bribery cases – these include the prosecution of Innospec Ltd and the investigation of Rolls-Royce PLC, which led to a record-breaking Deferred Prosecution Agreement between the manufacturer and SFO in 2017. Our work in this area has also led to us being instructed by foreign governments to assist in their fight against corruption. Therefore, we now have a wealth of experience in complex, multi-jurisdictional, anti-corruption prosecutions.

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