Mail and Wire Fraud

Mail and Wire Fraud in UK. Edmonds Marshall McMahon is an expert in conducting fraud prosecutions. We are a unique firm, staffed by solicitors, barristers and investigators, and have significant experience in ensuring that victims of fraud are compensated and that defendants are denied the proceeds of their crime. We often advise on mail and wire fraud, which involves the dishonest use of telecommunications or the internet to deprive victims of money or property.

Mail and wire fraud is part of a wider crisis in the UK and beyond. In January 2021, the Royal United Services Institute (“RUSI”), a defence and security think tank, published a paper explaining that fraud in the UK has reached epidemic levels. According to this paper, fraud is the “volume crime of our time”. There is certainly increased media attention on the issue – for example, shortly after the RUSI paper was published, the BBC reported that the UK’s fraud epidemic is now a “national security threat”. Notwithstanding greater awareness, the UK government’s fraud response continues to fail individuals and businesses. Budget cuts to the police and Crown Prosecution Service have limited the prioritisation of fraud offences, even as reports continue to rise. This state of affairs is at the heart of Edmond Marshall McMahon’s mission – as private prosecutors, we specialise in providing fraud victims with access to justice.

By way of background, although the majority of criminal prosecutions in England and Wales are conducted by public agencies, the right to pursue a private prosecution is expressly set out in statute. It is this power on which Edmonds Marshall McMahon relies in order to advise and achieve compensation for fraud victims. We regularly implement private prosecution strategies to ensure that those who engage in mail and wire fraud are held accountable in the criminal courts. Whatever the fraud, please talk to us (free of charge) so we may advise on what is possible in your circumstances.

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