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Edmonds Marshall McMahon is the UK’s leading law firm for cybercrime, with extensive experience in conducting successful investigations and prosecutions. Our dedicated investigations team have substantial experience handling successful prosecutions against cyber criminals, who target companies and individuals, globally.

Cybercrime offences require a rapid response, to minimise commercial losses and reputational damage to companies and individuals. Our private prosecution service enables victims to take immediate and critical legal action against perpetrators across the UK and internationally.

We specialise in prosecuting the following:

  • Cyber stalking, harassment and malicious communications
  • Cyber fraud, theft; and financial crimes
  • Data theft and Data Protection breaches by ex or current employees

The nature of cybercrime offences means that they often span multiple jurisdictions. Our experts routinely identify and pursue cybercriminals globally through mutual legal assistance and extradition processes.

Cybercrime investigations and prosecutions generate a vast amount of electronic material. At Edmonds Marshall McMahon, our experts ensure rapid and comprehensive evidence gathering, e-disclosure and document review. We provide a swift and thorough service examining the influx of data generated from cybercrime cases.

Following our comprehensive investigations, we can privately prosecute offenders and advise on the benefits of applying for restraint and confiscation orders, including cryptocurrency and cryptoassets.

We have significant previous experience in obtaining and robustly enforcing court orders, on behalf of our clients.

Tamlyn Edmonds is a founding member and Treasurer of the Cybercrime Practitioners Association.

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