General Crime

We investigate and prosecute the full range of criminal offences with understanding, dedication and a focus on results. We specialise in building good cases. You might know that you have a case, but not what evidence you require to take it forward. You might know where evidence is, but not how to get it. We work together with skilled and experienced investigators to gather the best evidence to successfully prosecute your case.

We act for individuals who have been the victims of the following types of offences:

  • Fraud by friends, relatives, trading platforms or companies in investment schemes;
  • False adverse possession claims;
  • Assault including incidents of road rage, sexual assault and domestic violence;
  • Rape including date rape;
  • Harassment or stalking;
  • Environmental crime;
  • Political protests;
  • Perverting the course of justice;
  • Criminal damage, such as damage to property in the workplace or home; and
  • Blackmail – as these cases often involve high-profile clients, they require very careful handling. We can consider various options for dealing with the blackmailer, including the possibility of a private prosecution and/or an injunction. We are aware of the urgency of the work required in these cases and are often able to provide imaginative and focused solutions.

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