[title]Edmonds Marshall McMahon has a dedicated investigation team comprising former senior SFO investigators with a wealth of experience in some of the UK’s leading SFO cases and a former Criminal Investigations Detective from the Metropolitan Police Service. Our investigators are experts in investigating top tier bribery and corruption offences: Their skills and experience range from assisting companies in preliminary internal investigations to leading global, large-scale investigations and prosecution including on behalf of foreign governments. We also investigate a wide variety of fraudulent and criminal, including insider trading and financial services fraud. Our investigators are experienced in the unique challenges that result from companies and individuals being targeted by cybercrime. Our investigations are conducted in accordance with the Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act 1996 and we are proud to provide a complete evidence gathering service, from investigation to confiscation.

We can work closely with your own firm’s investigators or provide investigative assistance (overt or covert) through experienced and highly skilled private investigators (both in-house and external).

Internal Investigations for Corporates

We specialise in targeting organised crime affecting businesses and economic productivity. Our specialist prosecutors have prosecuted some of the largest fraud and corruption cases in the UK over the last 15 years. Our combined experience means that we have seen the full range of problems your business might encounter, and we know how to address those. We know what steps you should take to minimise harm to your business, share price and reputation and will advise you commercially and astutely. We are experts in evidence gathering, e-review and e-disclosure for criminal proceedings. We have also worked extensively with regulators (including FCA, HSE, HMRC and MHRA) and know what concerns the regulator or prosecuting agencies will have.

If you would like to discuss any other potential investigation such as corporate fraud investigations or prosecution, we can advise you quickly, by telephone or email, as to whether we will be able to assist. If we are unable to assist, we will advise on who you should speak to for the result you are seeking.

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