Tamlyn Edmonds and Ashley Fairbrother published in PLC Magazine

Tamlyn Edmonds and Ashley Fairbrother were featured in the October 2021 edition of PLC Magazine exploring the use of Private Prosecutions and their use in ‘Fighting back against crime’.

In this feature article, they explain how private criminal prosecutions offer businesses a valuable route to obtain redress when they have been the victim of economic or financial crime. This includes:

  • Examining the main types of economic and financial crime for which private prosecutions are most often brought;
  • Discussing the evidence that is required to bring a prosecution;
  • Setting out the key steps involved in bringing the prosecution; and
  • Explaining the main benefits and risks of bringing a private prosecution.

This article first appeared in the October 2021 issue of PLC Magazine and can be accessed via the following link http://uk.practicallaw.com/resources/uk-publications/plc-magazine and below.