EMM response to Justice Committee Call for Evidence

Edmonds Marshall McMahon has responded to the Justice Committee’s Call for Evidence in relation to the Post Office ‘Horizon’ IT scandal.

The Committee welcomed written evidence on:

  1. The way in which large organisations conduct private prosecutions;
  2. The effectiveness of existing safeguards that regulate private prosecutions;
  3. Alternative legislative, legal and administrative safeguards that could be used to regulate the way in which large organisations use the right to bring private prosecutions;
  4. Whether the existing investigatory standards and duties of disclosure that apply to private prosecutions are effective;
  5. The effectiveness of different safeguards in preventing miscarriages of justice resulting from the right to bring private prosecutions;
  6. The role of the Crown Prosecution Service in taking over private prosecutions;
  7. The role of the Attorney General in supervising private prosecutions;
  8. The role of the courts in private prosecutions; and
  9. The way in which private prosecutions are regulated in other jurisdictions.  

Being the first and only law firm specialising in private prosecutions and having carried out investigations and hundreds of prosecutions on behalf of corporates of all sizes, combined with the experience of the founding partners conducting major cases for a variety of government agencies and now private prosecutors, Edmonds Marshall McMahon was able to provide insight and was well placed to respond to the Call for Evidence to assist the Justice Committee.